My name is Sean, but nearly everyone I’ve worked with professionally in the last seven years knows me as Fletch. I make games.

I got into the games industry by way of an art degree, persistence, and sheer dumb luck. I can’t give you a roadmap of how to replicate what I did, just the stories of what happened along the way, and those are too long to go into here. The brief version is this: Try all the doors. If one opens, go through it. 

In 2006 I worked on the design team for the Shadowmoor expansion of  Magic: The Gathering, brainstorming and playtesting new cards and mechanics for the game. It was the first time I collected a paycheck for being a legit game designer, and it was glorious. Then the contract ended.

I went back to the trade I’d gone to school for — graphic design and art direction. On the side, I continued to try to wedge my way into the games industry for a few years. Eventually it happened through circumstances entirely out of my control. An agency I was finding freelance contracts through sent me to do some packaging design for a company called Forrest-Pruzan Creative in Seattle.

The packages they needed me to design were for games. That they invented.

I tried the door. It was open.

That was in 2010. By 2012 I’d convinced them I could be inventing the games as well as building the art files, and by 2013 I was a full-time game designer.

This blog began in 2010 just before I met the folks at Forrest-Pruzan. For a while, it was about how visual design and presentation affects the way a game plays for the audience. For all the content there is out there about game creation and development, there wasn’t (and I suppose still isn’t) all that much about the impact that art and graphic design have on games.

Since then, I kind of stopped working on this. My career as a game designer took over, and I traded in the chair in the art department for one at the invention table. The blog became less of a tool for proving I had the skills to make myself useful in the games industry; my day job already took care of that.

I’m back. Now I’m here to show off the stuff I’ve made and give some behind-the-curtain glimpses of how these games came to be. If you’re here for the art angle, don’t worry, there’s still some of that too, it’s just not the central focus it used to be.

If you’re here, it’s probably because someone pointed you here, or because you stumbled in through a Google, Facebook, or games forum door. Either way, thanks for finding me. Or for coming back. Enjoy.


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