Stop. Look. Want to see more.

Clever is good. Clever makes you stand out. Clever leads to innovation and originality.

Clever can also confuse people. This is a story about that.

One of my primary clients over the last two years is a creative agency here in Seattle that designs games — board games, card games, party games, and so on. Being that I’m a nut for games of all kinds, this client is able to put projects in front of me that are right in my wheelhouse. They also have access to projects with well known licenses and retail destinations, like Pokémon and Toys-R-Us.

Last summer I was tasked with creating the art assets for a new game called Pokémon Battle Poppers. It’s a skill-based strategy game with some elements of customization. Basically, advanced tiddly-winks with unique abilities and tricks for each piece. My job was to design the packaging, rules, and game pieces around…

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